Curriculum Vitae by Norman Catherine

Norman Clive Catherine was born and educated in East London,South Africa. From his early adult years he created unconventional assemblages of curious objects found, as well as surrealistic drawings of subjects dredged from fantasy and personal recall.

Shortly after his first exhibition in 1969, Catherine began collaborating with Walter Battiss on the project "Fook Island".
This project involved the building of Fook Manor at Hartbeespoort Dam, designing murals and merchandise. For a period of almost 20 years he prepared the design of a book with Allan Cameron entitled "The Legend of Memo the Hierophant", which was published in 1995.

Catherine has spent time overseas, in New York and Los Angeles, working on various projects. He has represented South Africa in major international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and Art Basel, and has been included in numerous important shows in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

Catherine's art has undergone several metamorphoses over the last 40 years. Each passing decade was characterized by different features - from the airbrush paintings of the 1970's to the mixed media works of the 1980's. His work in the late 1980's was characterized by wire sculptures and tin cans.His paintings from the early 1990's set the tone of future artworks, which have been described as a "pre-millennial menagerie of anthropomorphic beasts".